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Granite Care and Maintenance

Slab YardGranite provides a worry-free surface. Regular everyday cleaning should be done with a mild natural soap and water. Do not use general-purpose cleaners or products containing ammonia, such as Windex, as these will damage your stone or the sealer applied. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids, as these may etch the stone surface and damage the polish. Granite Creations recommends a product called Revitalizer for weekly maintenance.

The nature of polished granite and the extra protection of our sealer make this product free from staining and fading. Caution does need to be used with olive oil. If olive oil is left on granite overnight, a stain may occur. If this does happen, the stain can be removed simply with a poultice (see below).

Hot pans may be placed directly on the surface without fear of cracking or marring. There are a few products that may temporarily darken your granite, because granite is a natural stone. Place a solution of laundry chlorine bleach and hot water on the area. Allow to sit for approximately 15 minutes and wipe clean with warm water. If the spot is deeper and did not disappear with the bleach and water, a simple poultice may be used.


This is a special cleaning procedure for the removal of deep-seated, time-set dirt and grime. A general poultice is laundry bleach, acetone or 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide, combined with an absorbent material that forms a paste the consistency of oatmeal or cake icing. Absorbent materials that can be used are: molding plaster, untreated flour, white tissue or paper towels, white powder, chalk, talc, Fuller’s earth, etc. Granite Creations recommends molding plaster for your molding material. Commercial poultices are also available.

First, moisten the surface of the granite with the same liquid that made the paste. Then apply the poultice paste to the granite surface about a ½” thick. Tape plastic sheeting over the poultice area. Allow to sit for 48 hours. Then dampen the poultice with clean cool water. Remove poultice with a wood or plastic spatula and rinse the cleansed area with clean water. Blot or wipe off excess water and allow the surface to dry. Sometimes a second poultice application is necessary.


Granite has a high tolerance with kitchen grease and oil. Again, wash with hot water and a mild soap to help loosen the oil base. Most oil stains will disappear within a few days. OLIVE OIL will stain granite if left for an extended period of time, and an acetone poultice must be used in order to remove this stain.


Organic stains are pinkish-brown in color and take the shape of the staining object. Often these stains will disappear without treatment after the substance has been removed. Fruit and other acidic foods, such as lemons, etc. can cause organic stains. Wash the surface with clean water and apply a poultice with a liquid base of hydrogen peroxide in a 6% hair bleaching solution. Tobacco stains usually respond to the same treatment.


With the normal wear and tear, granite cannot be etched unless extremely harsh acids or abrasives have contacted the surface. If this occurs, the granite will have to be professionally re-polished and sealed or replaced.


Under normal use of your granite countertops, you may need to re-seal every three to five years. If you begin to notice a water darkening spot that dries out, this is an indication that it needs to be re-sealed.
Never apply a sealer to sandblasted or honed granite. Granite Creations carries a product called Enhancer Pro, which is recommended for maintenance of this particular granite.


Granite Creations Inc. sells a variety of maintenance products that come with instructions. Some of the products available are: Stone Tech Daily Revitalizer, Oil Stain Removal Paste, Stone Tech Sealer and Stone Polish.


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